Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1 week in - some ups, some downs, and some donut holes

Well, it's officially been 1 week on my severely reduced calorie diet. I'm "netting" around 12-1300 calories a day. So what that means, is on days I work out - say 30 minutes on an elliptical, I might add somewhere between and extra 200-400 calories in. I need to make sure I eat enough to stay motivated, strong and healthy. After a week, I think I'm past the "urge" to eat everything. I'm on a pretty good pace now and feel good.

I did have some hiccups this weekend. Had a bunch of drama at home, didn't eat enough during the day, went out starving and ended up eating some delicious donut holes on Saturday night. I'm not gonna lie, it was worth it. I think the key to any diet is to let yourself slip sometimes, but don't punish yourself for it. It's so easy, and has been MY personal downfall, that when I slip up a little bit, I let it ruin my whole day. So, if I maybe had a piece of a poptart, I'd get the "well, today is shot. I'll start tomorrow" mentality. But this time I didn't. I had my fun - had some donut holes and a couple drinks. Drank plenty of water when I got home and then kept on my routine - it does help that really I had very few calories before the "donut incident" so I really didn't go WAY over, but never the less, it was a triumph for me to not spiral out of control.

Working out is a little bit of a struggle right now. I do not work out at home - I just look around at all the stuff I should be doing - cleaning, painting, laundry, etc and half-ass my workout while staring at a blank wall completely unmotivated. When Craig is out of town, it's tough to make it to crossfit - because as I said before, there's no where to stash the kid who wants to be in everything. I do have a friend that will watch her if she can, but typically I end up not crossfitting during Craig's out of town weeks. So, this is where I would be compensating by going to the Y - well, that would be too easy. Of course, the kid got sicko. Oi! I'm hoping she gets over it soon, but I don't think anyone would appreciate me bringing in Fiona with snot volcanoing out of her nose - I know I would be pissed if I were on the receiving end of picking up my healthy kid who's putting toys in her mouth the sick kid was just holding. So, alas, I am just realllllllllly watching my diet closely while I'm on a short hiatus from the gym. Lots of protein & veggies. one meal supplemented with a high protein shake - I'm still chuggin along.

So, ultimately I'm down 3.5 lbs this week. Which I feel like is great, especially since I only really worked out two days - twice both days, but still.

Okay, I'm off for now - time to get some of that cleaning, painting, laundry stuff done ( I just realize that I sound like the Jersey Shore guys - Gym, Tan, Laundry... except mine goes "gym, diapers, cleaning, laundry"... and I get paid a lot less than they do.

Man, it's a good thing those donut holes are far away right now ;-)....


  1. I think this is the hardest part to working out...life. But, even with an out of town hubby and a sick (yet completely adorable) baby at home, you still managed to make progress! Amazing. Woohoo!

  2. Good job. I love that you included a poptart. They are gone now and I have noway to sneak junk food. I did buy some dried fruit w/o sugar. Its good in a pinch. Ineed to get my gym mojo back. Ive been slacking.

  3. Great work! I ate a family size lasagna for dinner last night.

  4. You're amazing! Keep up the good work... a day closer ;)