Thursday, January 5, 2012

My aching legs, Ohhhhh my aching legs!

Well, I'm in the middle of day 3 - and I feel like I've been beat with a mallet. My schedule went a little something like this so far:
Monday - Eat the last of the cookies & dump out the last of the egg nog ----- whiff as much of the egg nog as you can as it goes down the drain - smelling it is zero calories.
Tuesday - Crossfit in the afternoon where we did the WOD focusing on thrusters... and I can tell you my legs haven't hurt this bad in YEARS!
Wednesday - 35 minutes of a cardio at the YMCA in the A.M and a little big of free weights - but I was over that clausterphobic area in a hurry. A little core work and a little more complaining about the burning fire inside of my quads. Crossfit in the afternoon where we did an 20 min AMRAP (As many reps as possible for you noncrossfitters) plus a pre-amrap workout and our warm-up. It's true that Crossfit's warm up is most people's workout. Our warmup currently consists of joint mobility warm up,  10 situps, 10 pushups, 10 inchworms, 10 wallballs, 10 dumbbell thrusters, 10 box jumps, a 200 m run and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I mean, I'm huffing after the warm up. Anyway, our workout yesterday, Rick so lovingly wrote as "push up heaven" and all of us refer to as "pushup hell"It was torture, after the warm up we did 3 rounds of a bunch of different typs of pushups - 5 regular, 5 divers, 5 hand release, 5 knee pushupand 5 negative pushups.... so if you're counting, that's 75 pushups before we even start our actualy AMRAP workout - The amrap consisted of 5 plank to pushups, 10 of these crazy pushout things where you start in a pushup position, and twist your body around to put your hips pointing upward - if you're coordinated it looks a lot like breakdancing, if you're like me, you look like a rolly polly bred with a fish out of water. Anyway, then 20 hollow rocks, and 30 American style Kettlebell swings.... it whooped my butt. I think I layed on the floor for a good 2 minutes. I got 4.5 rounds in, which I felt okay about especially since my legs felt like they were falling off. I did end up having to sub out regular full situps for the hollow rocks because my legs were screaming so bad, I couldn't hold them up. Oi. Oh, the life of an out-of-shaper.

Thursday - did a circuit training STRIVE workout/tutorial at the Y - took about 40 minutes, of that, I'd say there was about 20 minutes of a workout. I think that this will be a great addition to my Crossfit & cardio routine - to work this in a couple times a week. I've always been in the best shape when I incorporate circuit training. I've never done it on a system, just on my own - weights, run, weights, run etc etc.

So anyway, this brings me to my entry. I'm not gonna lie, it's been hard breaking a piece of a poptart off for Fiona and not eating the rest myself... but I keep telling myself  that I'll have to tell all you folks that I broke down and scarfed down a blueberry poptart and be ridiculed... and let's be real here, no one can eat just 1 poptart. It's impossible.

How do I feel? Mentally, I feel awesome - keeping busy helps with my other ailments like my motor tics. If you don't know what those are, they are a bastard. So, kind of like how people with teurettes tic... you can also tic from other things - anxiety, stress, diet... who knows why I tic, but I do know it's mostly started when I'm stuck at home. I think the lack of stimulation and repetitiveness gives me anxiety and now I tic. It really is just annoying - the tic, but what really sucks is my tic is in my brow line/forehead. Which means, when I do it, I get wicked headaches and by the end of the day I want to scratch anyones eyes out who crosses me. But it's been better. Keeping active and busy really helps. And I feel accomplished - I've always been someone who works best in a busy schedule. I do well under pressure - I don't like it, but I do perform better.

This morning it was tough to get myself motivated to get to the Y, so I was glad to have an appointment there at 9:30. My body is so tired and sore I think I could have stayed in bed for a week - if it wasn't for that sweet girl crying to be let out of her crib. This is the time that it's hardest to stay motivated I think - after the first couple days where you feel like "oh, I did it" it's easy to think "it's enough for this week" as your body is screaming at you. It's easy to lose motivation and take a day or two off, which for me, ultimately turns into weeks. I'm the queen of black and white - I'm all in.... or all out - this is also probably why I don't play poker - I can't bluff. I have to stay in it - I'm not saying don't take a break, it's important to take a rest, but even going for a mile walk instead of the gym... the act of doing it... getting busy, getting active, staying in the routine of "this is my workout time".

I've also started monitoring my calories, fat, carbs, sugar, sodium, etc. I use myfitnesspal app on my phone and iPad - as well as my menu planner. Last night I cooked some of Craig's venison and it was actually very good - seared it with a light coating of panko crust - topped with my homemade marinara and as a side, a home made caesar salad, complete with home made dressing, croutons & parmesan crisp. It was very good, and the dressing had enough kick to use very little. I'm really looking forward to it for today's lunch. Those croutons (which I have measured out for my caloric restriction) have been calling my name all day.

So, my point for today is, don't stop, don't let your aching muscles keep you from keepin on. It's takes a few weeks to get back in the routine and make it a habit. Let's do it... oh and I'm down 1 LB so far - which really doesn't account for much - I don't really consider it weight loss until I'm past the first 4-5 lbs - which I consider water retention & "cookie weight" - which comes off fast. It's the real fat that I'm after - the "I'm-not-here-on-a-vacation-I've-moved-in-on-your-thighs" weight.


  1. Keep up the amazing work! The beginning is the hardest and you're kicking butt!

  2. I hate hollow rocks...Great job babe!